Training Program – Your Biggest Helper In The Gym

Training Program – Your Biggest Helper In The Gym

A person includes various important things in his daily life and in this way each person makes his routine. One of the most important parts of the routine is physical activity. To make a full life rhythm, each of us needs physical activity. Often, these are different types of workouts. This time let's talk about a specific type of training – strength training.

Before you go to the gym, you need the biggest helper–created training program. Why? Because you won't get confused in the gym, stick to a certain plan and be able to progress much faster. Usually, a certified trainer helps with a training program. A certified trainer specifically prepares a workout or training program for you. But there's another very common way right now - online training programs. These training programs are also prepared by certified trainers. Training programs can be purchased from the trainer or on the Internet. Currently, online programs are becoming more and more popular, because in this way, you can save much more time in today's busy rhythm.

To make it easier, I will share a one day workout with you.

  • Lat pull down
  • Cable seated row
  • Incline Dumbbell Press
  • Hip Thrusts
  • Dumbbell RDL
  • Leg press

As you can see, this workout is for the whole body - you train different muscle groups in the workout. The workout starts with an exercise for your back, arms, chest and ends up putting the focus on your leg muscle. However, if you want to focus more on training the muscles of the lower body, then you can start with exercises that are for leg muscles.

Why Did I Choose Workout Like This?

For beginners, it’s best to choose full body workouts. About a month later, once the body has adapted, workouts can start to be divided by muscle groups, as more experienced athletes do. For example, Monday - leg muscles, Tuesday - bicep and back, etc. But of course, it's not compulsory. Often people also choose to continue full body training and not change anything. Typically, if there is a specific goal, such as increasing muscle, then it would be advisable to divide the workouts according to the muscle groups, as this gives the workout greater focus on the defined muscle groups and the muscle is faster able to progress or “grow.

Continuing with beginners - why start with full body training? If at the very beginning the workouts will be divided by muscle groups, then there is a good chance that the athlete will find these workouts too hard and will quickly lose the motivation to go to the gym. Often, even more, experienced athletes find these workouts hard. Throughout the workout, the focus is on just one or two groups of muscles. Therefore, a beginner should choose full body workouts so that the body can adapt.

However, if you've chosen to train, it's no longer just about training. In addition, there are a few more things to follow.


Nutrition - is one of the most important things. If you want to see any kind of progress, you have to be aware that 70% of the progress is made in the kitchen. Without proper and balanced eating, progress will be almost impossible to observe. What to start with? Be sure not to make the biggest mistake and exclude the food of any particular group from your diet. If you want something sweet, eat it, nothing bad will happen. If there's a burger you want, eat it. Just remember, it can't happen regularly, everything has to be in balance and so you'll feel healthy and good because you won't have restricted yourself anything. As well as if you want to grow muscle mass, it won't just happen with heavy weights. The key – protein. Therefore, it is also necessary to know how much protein is eaten per day.

How Important Is Rest To Progress?

The second most important thing is rest. Often, people start training and do it every day, and there are even rare times that a beginner goes to the gym 2 times a day because they think that is the best way how to achieve results as quickly as possible. However, this one quickly ends and not with positive results. People don't realize that to achieve faster results, you don't need to go to the gym twice a day, but on the contrary, you need rest and sleep. It is at these moments that the muscles “grow,” so everyone should plan their workout schedule so that the muscles can rebuild and also you can feel good and healthy.

How To Not Lose Motivation?

Finally, let's talk about the main thing: how to not lose motivation. Unfortunately, there are no concrete answers to this. All you can do is follow the principles set out above, properly make a workout schedule that includes enough rest, and avoid any kind of overload. If you stick to the main things, then the workout will soon fit perfectly into your routine. The main thing is to realize that you are the only one who can discipline yourself, believe in yourself and everything will work out!


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